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Posted by broa on Apr 8 2016 - 3:15pm

Please join us in thanking Scoutmaster of Troop 1602 John Robinson for his service.  As of the end of March, he has retired from the position of Scoutmaster of his home unit.  Rumor has it that he is somewhere in the Bahamas on a beach with no cell phone, his child bride, and a cheeseburger the size of a small canine.  What we do know is that by example he has demonstrated very large amounts of Scout Spirit, helped many others at all times, and has worked very hard to raise Troop 1602 to even higher success levels than before his tenure began at this already very strong unit in the Saddleback District of the OCBSA.  Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Robinson!  When you can, please send a postcard! 

Another Scout Chimed In...

Posted by broa on Apr 8 2016 - 2:57pm

Thanks Jared for responding.  We'll add your data to the plan!

Updates on our Scouts...A reunion?... and more...

Posted by broa on Mar 2 2016 - 5:10pm

Thanks Cody and Shawn for updating us on your status.  Good to hear you are doing so well and are on track for rank advancement !  So far, the reunion idea is unanimous for having one.  Ideas are pouring in and are welcomed.  Care to be on the steering committee?

How are you doing? Reunion? Your reply is requested.

Posted by broa on Mar 2 2016 - 5:04pm

This is a copy of an email that was send by the C202 Adult Leadership on 02/25/16

----------------------------------------------------------------- read more below -----

Wanted: For the Rank of Eagle

Posted by broa on Feb 19 2016 - 4:17pm

Have you seen this Life Scout recently?  If you find him, please ask the status of his Eagle Project.

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